🧠 MotörheadOpen-source memory and information retrieval server for LLMs


Metal handles the full stack

🤘 The Metal Platform

  • Open AI

    Multi-modal Embed

    Integrations with OpenAI, CLIP, and more.

  • Managed Vector DB

    Get ANN out of the box

  • File Upload & OCR

    Easily process & chunk your documents

  • Simple API

    Take advantage of our system in production.

  • 🦜️🔗

    LangChain Integration

    Easily plug into the MetalRetriever.

  • Semantic Search

    Simple /search endpoint for running ANN queries.

Introducing our open-source server

🧠 Motörhead: memory for LLMs

Motörhead is a open-source memory server for LLMs. Built in Rust.

Managed LLM retrieval & memory

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