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Make your AI strategy a reality

Metal is a fully managed service built for the enterprise

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Full coverage of the LLM stack

Our platform provides everything your team needs to get your LLM application to production.

Privacy first

Store your data safely on our cloud, or run Metal on your own private network.

Data transformation

Transform your data so it’s LLM ready.

Unlock AI for your Organization

Chat, search, or interact with your data using natural language.


Observe your user behavior improve your application over time.

Built for Enterprise

Enterprise grade security and support

Actively in SOC 2 audit

SOC 2 Standards

Easily track usage

Analytics & Reporting

Modern auth

API & User Permissions

24/7 support and access to in-house AI experts

White glove support

Modern standards for security


Secure cloud or private network deployments

Run on your own cloud

Use case review
Our team will dig in on your particular use-case.
Data consultation
We'll help you get your data AI-ready.
Development support
Build with our team of experts.
Continuous improvements
We'll always be shipping improvements and new features.

And the services you need to get there, fast...

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AI for the enterprise

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