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Research, analysis, and diligence at 10x the speed

Offer your team of analysts a suite of AI enabled tools like custom chatbots, natural language search, document analysis, and more

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Keep your team ahead of the curve

Your analysts deserve the best tools to do their job. Metal provides a suite of AI-enabled tools to help your team do their job faster and more efficiently.

Research faster

Increase your research velocity by an order of magnitude.

Generate reports

Create industry analyses, company reports, and research memos faster with generative AI.

Accelerate diligence

Conduct diligence in a fraction of the time through AI-enabled workflows and actions.

Increase the speed of your team

Search or chat with your data in natural language

Deploy Metal chatbots to help your team find the right information at the right time.

Questions and answers.
Give your analysts the ability to ask questions in natural language.
Chat sessions.
Persist conversations with Metal chatbots to pick up where you left off.
Reference sources.
Our chatbots provide references for every answer so your analysts can trust the results.
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Bring your data & documents into the AI-age

Transform your company data into knowledge for LLMs

Upload research documents and proprietary data to Metal and watch our AI find the right information, at the right time

Easy integration.
Connect your private data to LLMs using the Metal API.
File upload.
Bring your reports, transcripts, and other documents into Metal.
Safe data storage on our cloud, or run Metal locally on your own network.
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Powerful filtering & search

Drill down on what matters

Powerful filtering for geography, company size, industry, and more. Search for specific keywords or phrases. Get the most out of LLMs with complex queries.

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Improve your team over time

Monitor and learn from usage over time

Get insight into how your team is researching and sharing information. Learn what is working and what is not. Our system will automatically improve accuracy over time-based on usage.

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Built for Enterprise

Enterprise grade security and support

Actively in SOC 2 audit

SOC 2 Standards

Easily track usage

Analytics & Reporting

Modern auth

API & User Permissions

24/7 support and access to in-house AI experts

White glove support

Modern standards for security


Secure cloud or private network deployments

Run on your own cloud

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